Outbound Load balancing across WANs

Hi, i’m looking for a bit of advice please.

We need to add some failover bandwidth via 4g to a venue where we can’t touch their current infrastructure.

All we can do is provide a Peplink router, a few LTE routers for data and plug into their WAN2 connection on a standard router set to failover, annoying as its not the way we do stuff, but hands are tied.
There will be an amount of devices connected to their router, if their fibre fails all internet data will be redirected to me from their WAN2 so on my peplink it’ll just show a load of data moving on a single IP.

My question is…

How does outbound IP:session load balancing work on a Peplink on this scenario? Is there a way to distribute a single IP’s sessions over all the active WAN connections without creating a speedfusion tunnel? I’m happy to make a bonding speedfusion tunnel if I have to but it will limit the overall bandwidth I could make available if it just load balances without it.


By default there is a HTTPS persistence rule in place on Peplink devices. This aims to keep all https sessions from the same LAN devices to the same WAN IPs on the same WAN link so that https doesn’t break. This is by default set to do this by source IP.

If you leave that in place you will want to change it to by destination instead:

“The same WAN connection will be used for traffic matching the rule, originating from the same machine, and going to the same destination. This option can better distribute load to WAN connections when there are only a few client machines.”

In this topology there is only one client - so that makes sense.

However, many people don’t use the https persistence rule at all any more as https services are becoming more aware of multi-wan scenarios.

Perfect, thank you Martin.

I’ll definitely give it a shot first, cheers for the screen grab too.