[Outage] - InControl


At 12:50 US Central time (UTC -5), we noticed an interruption on our InControl2 Mars server.

You may experience intermittent periods of availability to the management system during this issue.

Our development team is investigating. We will update this post as we learn more.

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Incontrol 2 error

An issue with the host OS has been identified and resolved. Performance should be back to normal at this time.


I’ve been having issues throughout today gaining access to routers via remote web admin. Has anyone else experience this? This has happened on several routers on different WANs so not a netwrork issue.



The IC2 and the RWA service on mars are also operating normally. Please ensure the devices could reach *.peplink.com on TCP port 443. If the problem persists, please file a support ticket and let us know.



I am unable to access Incontrol2 Mars again.

SinglePoint Communications

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We are seeing the issue on our side as well. We are investigating and will update you as we learn more.


Thank you.

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Does this have anything to do with the previous issue of a pre-emptive update being pushed out crippling Mars?

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There were no updates associated with this outage. We found there was a resource crunch that was taking the system offline intermittently.

We are still investigating the cause of the issue, but service should be back to normal as of around 1:00pm US Central time (UTC -5).

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Hi Michael, we are still having issues connecting to routers via remote web admin. This issue only occurs after we make a change to the wan and the wan connection gets a new IP (after we deselect a band for example). It seems like the new IP the router receives doesn’t get passed to incontrol completely. Incontrol can see the device is online and we can pass commands to it like “reset” but we cannot establish a remote web admin session. Looking forward to hearing from you shortly.


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Remote web admin is currently operating normally. Please file support ticket, enable Remote Assistance on the device and let us know the serial number. We will look into it.

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