Our Costumber want to manage 500 site with Peplink SDWAN


Peplink Technical Team

I have a customer who wants to managed 500 site with SDWAN peplink. What part number can we provide to meet user desires?

Is it possible with Incontrol 2?

and I also want to ask, how many devices can you set in 1 account control 2?

I really need your help.



Not sure what you’re asking for here. All Peplink devices include licensing for InControl2 management in the first year (and for every year after that if you keep the device in warranty / buy IC2 subscriptions).

Or you can host a private InControl 2 appliance if you prefer.
A Peplink partner can provide part numbers and solution design advice. I would suggest you find a local one and start a discussion.

There are customers with 1000’s of devices managed using IC2, 500 is no problem.

Not convinced there is a limit - the IC2 team can confirm - but it would be many thousands.

You really need to find a local Peplink Partner to assist you. Where in the world are you based?