Organisational Level WAP SSID Settings



Hello InControl2 Team,
We have several organisations that would like to see, similar in the way that Firmware is done, the ability to manage SSID settings at an organisational level and also at a group level (device level we do via tags).

Here are some of the reasons to have organisational SSID management options:

  • Organisation has a Guest network within each group, each site representing a different site (store/work site/sub operation), currently the monthly Guest SSID change has to be done manually to each group.
  • Organisation has a staff Wi-Fi network that is used in every group and authenticates to a Radius Server
  • Organisation has a promotional themed Wi-Fi network that is used in every group and matching organisation level Captive Portal.
  • Group Admins need to be denied access to changing Organisation Level common setting, yet need to be able to administer Group level settings (including VLAN assignments) and tasks for support and localised operations.

What would it take make Wi-Fi (& Captive Portal) available at an Organisation Level with options within the groups to inherit the Organisation Level.

We are looking for there to be the ability to run organisation setting and then additional local setting for Wi-Fi so that where there may be specific group setting required also (such as around networking). Example, a customer has unique VLANs for every site, part of there unique IP address structure, yet the two of the SSIDs out of the many for each site are organisationally common (just with unique VLAN #s).

We are sure others here in the forum can add onto ideas around this.

Look forward to hearing back on what Peplink can help within InControl2 for evolving this.

Appreciate your assistance,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Hello Peplink Community & Engineering team,
Has anyone else got a need for this, if so how would it benefit your solutions.

InControl2 release 2.8.1 is due out soon (in the next couple of weeks), could this be included in the next roll out?
Alternatively does anyone know if this could be automated by a script using the InControl2 API?

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: