Ordermark app-based ordering uses Peplink solution

The Business Goals

We found that some restaurants in older buildings, or more remote areas, struggled with maintaining a reliable Internet connection for the Ordermark system to process orders quickly and without delay or fear of disconnecting. We needed to find a LTE solution for restaurants that wanted to use our system. We also needed a solution for large chain restaurants that had strict PCI Compliances in place and were not comfortable opening their network to a third-party (Ordermark’s system). Lastly, we sought a solution for food trucks that have no way of supplying an internet connection.


Some of the challenges that we faced were being able to roll out a large number of devices quickly and, by using the bulk configurator, we were able to achieve this. Another challenge was being able to control how LTE data was being used. By creating firewall rules, we could blacklist everything but our services. This ensured no misuse of the LTE data by staff members of the restaurant itself.


We decided to use a Pepwave MAX BR1 MINI router with a LTE-A modem. This device gives us the ability to hardwire a printer and wirelessly connect a tablet. It also gave us the ability to deploy multiple service providers along with LTE failover.


This gave us the ability to expand beyond our initial idea of a “target customer” (brick-and-mortars with solid internet connections). We were able to tap into Food Trucks, Nationally recognized Chains, and restaurants in older buildings/deadzones/remote locations.

Additionally – we were able to efficiently onboard these new customers who needed specialized equipment.

“We really found a great product that does exactly what we need it to do.”