Orange APN incorrect in 7.1.0 (HD4)



Good Morning
We recently had a small issue with an HD4 not connecting to Orange (France). The device got stuck on “obtaining IP address”
After looking at a few things, we realised that the APN was automatically set incorrectly. The APN while in AUTO was when it should be just orange
When we manually entered the correct APN, the device connected straight away.
Has the APN list been updated incorrectly?
Would it be possible to get a list of the APNs included in the automatic selection?
Thank You

APNs for Australia

@GNO-2014, thanks for your feedback. We will update the France Orange APN to “orange” instead of “”.


I am also having an issue where my HD2 Max is stuck in Obtaining IP Address, but it makes no difference if I update to “orange” or not for the APN settings. Any more information on this issue? Is there a way to see any error messages coming back when this is happening?



If that the case, don’t think this is related to the APN settings issue. Do you tested the SIM card before in mobile phone ? Do the SIM card able to get connect in other device ?

Beside that, what is the subscription package for SIM card ? Do it require a special APN ?



Ok, so I have a few more details, when I manually enter in it works for obtaining the IP address for one sim slot. The other sim does nothing, no matter what sim I place in the slot. It’s always in that obtaining IP address mode. I think there is something wrong with my 1st sim slot.

Separately, the connection speed is horrendous for the 2nd sim slot that does obtain an IP address after entering in the APN info manually. We are talking of around .5 MB up and down and horrendous ping rates. That same sim, when placed within a USB 4G device and slotted in the HD2 is very fast and has no issues. What is going on with my HD2 that would cause all of these issues with the cellular slots?

The sims themselves are just normal prepaid sim cards from Orange. They all work just fine in my USB stick when slotted into the HD2, they have all these issues when slotted in the HD2s cellular slots.

On a separate note, when I was in the US, I was having issues with one of my slots (I don’t recall which but I suspect it was the 1st slot mentioned above), where Verizon did not have the IMEI registered in their system and I had to call 3gstore, where I purchased this, call you guys and you supposedly resolved the issue. I was not able to retest without buying another sim to that port though. I’m wondering if this is at all related to the 1st sim slot.