Oracle Cloud OCI and FusionHub

Hi Folks,
we are migrating our FusionHub Instances from Proxmox to Oracle Cloud OCI. Is anyone here that made it? We are not able to activate the licensing and it seems that FusionHub speak with inControl but don’t get the answer back. Egress rule on OCI is ALL for ALL and Ingress rules have the specific Peplink ports open.


I just gave this a go. It also failed at the licensing stage for me. Turned out the issue was DNS.

Oracle’s DHCP server assigned a WAN IP via DHCP but not the DNS servers.

Manually setting Google DNS servers for the FusionHub WAN connection in its Web Admin then let the FusionHub reach the licensing server which fixed the problem.

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Thank Martin! We discovered this as well changing the DNS in OCI. Did you made the change in FusionHub instead of inside OCI VCN DHCP settings?
I had a issue with FusionHub as after trying several time to update the license, FusionHub refuses to go to any other web tab.

In the Fusionhub. I just ran the setup wizard again from the menu bar.