Options if I only need pepVPN?

I was introduced to Peplink products during a recent search for a bonded cellular solution for remote video production work. Now that I have a little bit of an understanding of the products, I’m very intrigued by the PepVPN option to solve another mostly unrelated networking need. I think I’m basically looking for a router that can work as the VPN hub for a couple other Pep routers. The SOHO almost looks like it would work except that it’s a bit weak on throughput. VPN speeds aren’t really critical but I want something that can do at least 250Mbs when pulling regular internet traffic through the WAN port. Is there another option that doesn’t include extras like an LTE radio or load balancing WAN ports?

Also, I’m confused about several other aspects of the costs and capabilities of the Peplink products. I’ve been playing around with a UBR-LTE and a Balance 20x. It seems that InControl2 requires a subscription? But there are several features that appear to require it for setup? For instance, can I use PepVPN without InControl?

Yes you can use PepVPN without InControl. Actually the Balance 20X is a good choice for this as it supports 900Mbps of router throughput and up to 5 remote PepVPN peers. Cost is only $399 and that includes the first year of PrimeCare, after that the PrimeCare subscription is only $49 a year. Well worth it.

PrimeCare is the all-in-one plan that includes hardware warranty, SpeedFusion license, FusionHub license, and InControl2 access.

Well I’ll be… PrimeCare for the UBR-LTE is $100/yr. Double what it is for the B20x. I didn’t catch that before.
And the B20x is dramatically superior in almost every way!

How about comparing the Balance 20x with the Balance One for this purpose? Is there any reason that the Balance One would be a better option besides the 4 extra LAN ports?