Options for connecting a USB mobile device to an Ethernet port

I have an assortment of USB-capable mobile devices. Currently using a Max-On-The-Go to aggregate several. The MOTG is connected to an Ethernet WAN port on the main Balance router, but only one MOTG WAN at a time is available to SpeedFusion Cloud on the main router. Recently learned of the Surf SOHO, with only one USB, but half the cost of the MOTG. Are there other options less expensive than MOTG for connecting a USB device to Ethernet to connect to the main router?

I can’t use the USB port on the main router as mobile signal at that location is poor.

I can’t move the SIM cards from the USB devices to something like a MAX BR1 Mini, since the carriers lock the SIM to the USB device.

You can look for a used surf-on-the-go or a second MOTG and link it over the wired ethernet or wifi-as-wan into the Surfo SOHO MK3

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Thanks, forgot about the Surf On-The-Go, that was nice little device.