Optimal network discovery


At the moment the only options available to fall back to LTE after a disruption
is option “optimal network discovery” that will force the device back to 4G (after it was switched to 3G), but the option starts from 30 minutes and Only If the data flow stops within 30 minutes the devices switch back as soon as LTE (4G) is available again and there is no data flow from the router.
If the Data flow continue and the 4G is available, the device will not reconnect to this 4G network.

We need that this time to be reduced to 5 or 10 minutes, even if possible with NOWAIT option and without the condition of waiting for Ideal time in the data transition


What is your use case for trying to switch to 4G more frequently when the cellular connection is not idle and in use? What issue are you seeing - what are you trying to achieve?

Since data flow will be interrupted when the module tries to switch from 3G to 4G if it was set to NOWAIT and 4G was unavailable in practice (since there are generally always short idle periods in usual network traffic, so as soon as 3G connects it would be idle for a period) the module would only connect to the mobile network if 4G was available. You’d be better off forcing the 4G only option.

By that I mean that there needs to be a wait period of a reasonable length to allow data to flow over the cellular connection to subsequently know when it has stopped and can be deemed ‘Idle’.


30 minutes it’s just too long time if you are using the router in a moving cars , but finally PEPWAVE Team had solve my problem and add plus 5 minutes and 10 minutes options for optimal network discovery.