Optimal configuration for rtmp Livestreams via 2 LTE and a WAN


are there any hints ideas or documentations about optimal settings for the Speedfusion (own destination) Tunnels ?

I do have an 310 5G with 2 LTE SIM cards and a WAN link (which has lots of packet loos) and try to find the best for rtmp based Livestreams.
Already played with FEC which I believe is what I need to boond the links.


Hi Holger,

yes, here in this Forum are a lot of tricks how to optimize streaming. I would enabled Dynamic Weighted Bonding at first


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Hi Holger,

If you have enough upload bandwidth on your 2x LTE and WAN connection then use the WAN Smoothing tunnel for your livestream for maximum redundancy and no packet loss. Been using pepwave MAX transit duo like this for a year now with no problems. Avoid using bonding or FEC if you are using OBS to stream, it has caused me many issues! Cheers