Optimal config for speedfusion on VSAT?


I’m trying to figure out which configuration would be best for a VSAT connection with a latency of 650-850 ms where we need to utilize the SpeedFusion VPN.

The bandwidth on the VSAT is 12/4 Mbps and our customer want to have the highest possible speed.

We have recently changed the configuration, where we have enabled FEC on the tunnel, which seems to have improved the overall experience of the VSAT. But there is one problem with this, the customer is expecting to get 12/4 Mbps, which now is reduced by 32% because of the overhead on the tunnel.

Any suggestions about the configuration of SpeedFusion that could improve the stability, without to much reduction of the bandwidth?

I have attached screenshots of the configuration from the Pepwave and Hub.

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Sadly not. If they (or you) need to use speedfusion to deliver a capability or service then they need to accept an amount of bandwidth overhead.

I assume this is some sort of real-time application they are using the VSAT for/ Video streaming perhaps?

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