I was directed to update to the latest beta firmware by support on the Balance 20.

I noticed a new section “IPsec VPN”. It would be nice if they also offered OpenVPN client connection as well. One of my ISP’s offer OpenVPN as a VPN solution.

Another interesting thing would be creating SSH tunnels. That way the SSH could be used as a socks proxy.


Thank you for feature request. We will consider this feature would be fit into our roadmap or not.


i really like this feature too. please consider to put it in the roadmap


Me too , or any other kind of VPN connection on WAN links like PPTP,L2TP,SSTP.


$50 Buffalo routers have all this out of the box (comes with DD-WRT pre-installed).
I just recieved my PepLink Balance 20 and currently have it setup to pass all inbound traffic from both WAN ports to the Buffalo router. I then have the peplink balancing traffic along with a few rules to make specific ports go out the WAN port I have setup with a static IP. (some email servers wont want to recieve email from a server on a Dynamic IP block so I have port 25 always routing out over the Static IP WAN Port.

I went a little off topic, but I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m using a Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH as my main router. It’s got a great price, very reliable and has the power to handle anything I’ve thrown at it, tons of features and highly customizable(it runs DD-WRT). Plus they are available at all BestBuy’s so If need something ASAP and that wont cost much I would recommend picking one of these up.

It would be great to see all of the features within DD-WRT in the PepLink router itself, but for now the combination of the two have been able to do everything I need them to.


Any updates with this? That is specifically supporting OpenVPN for client router connections?

Thank you.



OpenVPN (Client Router) still in queuing list.

We had added to support L2TP over IPSEC for client to server VPN type.

Thank You