OpenVPN WAN for Site to Site

Allow the OpenVPN WAN to be used as a Site to Site VPN for connecting different routers together. In my use case I would like to create a site-to-site VPN from a pfsense router to a Peplink. I can get the tunnel established using the OpenVPN WAN but the far end site cannot transverse the Peplink’s firewall. I was told site to site is currently not supported and to open a feature request.

I attached the most basic network diagram to help with understanding. I can certainly make something not in paint if needed. This diagram shows what is currently happening with the OpenVPN WAN setup and a pfSense configured for OpenVPN Server Site2Site

I haven’t uses the openvpn wan license yet, but can you do port forwarding on it for what you want?

I think you need to enable IP Forwarding mode.

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@richard.vit You are correct, that seems to have fixed the problem I was having. Thank you very much. Peplink support did tell me that Site-to-Site OpenVPN configs are not supported though. Seems to be working for me with IP Forwarding enabled.

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