OpenVPN Video over PEPVPN Speedfusion

If using the following setup for streaming Video (RTP - UDP Packets):

Video Stream sent from Linux Edge Device → Peplink MAX router -(PEPVPN)-> FusionHub -(General Internet)-> Web Client

What impact would there be if the connection between the edge device and the web client was over an OpenVPN channel? I.e. in this case the OpenVPN channel is encapsulated inside the PepVPN channel from the Edge device until FusionHub.

Would this impact Speedfusion’s ability to properly apply Forward error correction or Quality of Service rules on the video stream?

If so, are there any suggestions on how to optimize this solution?


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Speedfusion wouldn’t ‘see’ a video stream anymore - just OpenVPN encapsulated traffic. FEC would still do its thing - but on the OpenVPN traffic not the UDP video traffic - end result would be the same (assuming OpenVPN is using UDP encapsulation).

QoS rules would need to change. If you were combining video and other traffic in the OpenVPN tunnel then that’s where you’re QoS would need to sit. If you are only using OpenVPN for the video stream then QoS rules on the Peplink would need to prioritize OpenVPN traffic instead of Video.


Thanks, @MartinLangmaid!

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