OpenVPN to PepVPN

Have a Balance 380 handling our remote Speedfusion VPN’s as well as our remote access VPN.

Recently switched to OpenVPN for remote user access and created a separate VLAN for those users.

Ever since then I can’t access any other network over the 380’s Speedfusion tunnels when using OpenVPN for remote access. Intervlan routing is enabled on both the untagged and custom VLAN.

The OpenVPN profile is set to split traffic but, regardless, with being able to ping the Speedfusion gateway of the 380 I should get access to the rest of the Speedfusion network?

Checked the Speedfusion status information of a remote site and the tunnel does include the subnet created for those remote users on the 380.

Am I missing something here?

-Brent :confused:

Only way I could find was to use the “route all” profile. It doesn’t really matter how traffic is routing now that I think about it so this will work.

The firewall on the “other” network would have to allow the VLAN of the OpenVPN client. That happens automatically with regular Speed Fusion tunnels. I’m not sure it would happen by itself with non Speed Fusion type connections in the mix. Easy enough to try it.

You may have the same problem on the device accepting the OpenVPN client. That device would need to allow incoming on the other side of Speed Fusion to access the VLAN. You would need to build “allow” rules on the firewall on both ends of the Speed Fusion, each allowing traffic to/from the OpenVPN VLAN and the LAN on the other side of the Speed Fusion connection. Hard to explain in words, might be better with a drawing. Does this make sense?

Also I don’t know that the Open VPN VLAN would be advertised to the other end of Speed Fusion. You might need an outbound rule on the far end of SpeedFusion, telling that device where the VLAN is located.

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