OpenVPN to NordVPN in a loop of connected/uplink not ready

I have a maxtransit with verizon sim and tried setting up a nordvpn/openvpn wan today. I created it using another nordvpn post and have it using celluar as its WAN. But when I moved the openvpn wan to P1, celluar is p2, I see the openvpn try to connect, then the cell goes standby, openvpn goes to uplink not available, the cell connects again and then this repeats in a loop for ever. Any ideas why the openvpn coming online causes the celluar WAN to go to standby? On latest firmware.

this happens to me and i have to reboot, then it starts working, i did put a few VPN servers in and a check to make sure the connection was alive within the ovpn file. Always make sure you have a known working nord config.

Tried that, same problem. Didn’t work for me.

@sv_coder, Sounds like you need to adjust some of the cellular settings within the device to prevent VZW from going into standby when OpenVPN connects.

Open the VZW WAN settings, and make sure “Connection Priority and Standby State” are set to remain connected. Screenshot below shows the 2 boxes I am referring to.

Same problem here with SURF SOHO MK2 (v8.2.1 FW) and OpenVPN UDP connection to NordVPN. Configuration works upon initial setup. Router displays “Authentication Failed” error below.

If router is rebooted, OpenVPN connection is successful. Sometimes changing/reloading the NordVPN config file works, but only occasionally. OpenVPN config with “Remain Connected” setting enabled shown below (no “Connection Priority” setting is available as shown in previous post).

After extensive experimentation with MTU settings and manipulation of the NordVPN config file (.ovpn) settings, I discovered that setting the MTU to “Auto” under the Physical Interface Settings in the Peplink OpenVPN configuration screen fixed the issue. Now, when the OpenVPN WAN connection is disabled/enabled or the broadband router reboots, the OpenVPN WAN connection (see Peplink dashboard) shows a brief “Detecting MTU” and then connects.

Manually setting the MTU to Custom seems to break the OpenVPN connection negotiation and produce the erroneous “Authentication Failed” message.