OpenVPN Support


Can you please elaborate why this prohibits using Peplink?

Peplink already has a Site-Site VPN that is well proven, and also can be licensed to support FIPS 140-2 security.


Any update on a timeline for when OpenVPN support will be made available for the Balance routers? I have a Balance 30 LTE and would really like to use an online paid VPN like VyprVPN or IPVanish like I’m doing already with a consumer ASUS router that supports OpenVPN. It eliminates the need to have their app installed on each device and I’m really liking the service so hope to be able to use it on a Peplink in the near future.


If you want to use OpenVPN for site to site then you’re missing the whole point of Peplink devices and their PepVPN/SpeedFusion VPN technology. It would be like using a Tesla to tow a cart. .


Major consideration would be our Communications Array Servers platforms and Grandstream VoIP equipment all run on OpenVPN. If we go with replacing all sites with Peplink routers, not sure they will mesh. Already planning on setting up a test site this week in Houston. Will keep you posted.



Hello @sotonet,
Speedfusion is very capable of creating secure VPN meshed networks, have a look at the video example of the configuration under the heading “Quick and Easy Configuration on InControl 2” at
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


@sotonet - I have just reread my last post and must apologise. It was far from constructive. Moving between vendor technologies is always a headache - nothing is ever as easy as you want it to be and there are always unforeseen gotchas.

Can I suggest that you consider posting a sample network diagram on the forum and we’ll all help you plan for a PoC / migration so you can test out SpeedFusion for Site to site VPN and see how you get on?

I’d happily work with you on that new thread and share my experiences of similar migrations. Also take a look at the Pluss deep dive doc from their case study. They moved from Draytek and IPSec to SpeedFusion (running both site to site technologies side by side during the migration) and the doc explains the steps they took to migrate in a low risk manner.

Good luck!

EDIT: Just saw your withdrawn post - agree completely that my previous response above wasn’t constructive.
It came from frustration - which is no excuse, but there is so much more that you can do with SpeedFusion/PepVPN (when you need site to site VPN) compared to traditional IPSEC & SSL/VPN technologies like OpenVPN and I get frustrated when we fail to get that message across successfully. I will work harder to keep that frustration in check in the future and to provide more helpful responses :wink: