OpenVPN Support

No update yet. We focus our development resources on enhancing our own PepVPN/SpeedFusion VPN technologies which are superior in bonding.


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I’m seriously considering using DD-WRT routers that I can make work with OpenVPN rather than buying Peplink SOHO, but it’s unfortunate because I truly wanted to use OpenVPN. It’s a deal-breaker. :frowning:


OpenVPN is the number one feature that I would like to have. Do you have any update on when we’re going to have it? Is it still on the roadmap? Is it possible in 2017 or should I just go ahead and purchase hardware from elsewhere?

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Same here actually, with the new bill that was signed in congress about selling customer data ( Senate votes to undo Internet privacy rules ) I feel that feature makes even more sense.

Edit: Actually just saw PepVPN (I’m new to the Soho model). Would it do it? I have a subscription with a VPN provider and would like to use the config they provide.

PepVPN is site to site only- as in Peplink router to Peplink router. I don’t believe the Surf Soho can be configured as a VPN client for any other service.

Given Congress’s current anti-consumer Internet privacy policy, and their apparent attempts to prevent all future regulatory efforts to protect our online privacy and security, this is now an extremely pressing matter.

I may have to reconsider my use of Peplink products if this continues to be a low priority feature request.


We have some customers that haven’t chosen for Peplink/Pepwave products mainly because there is no OpenVPN support.

OpenVPN seems to be a demand in a lot of cases, of which some we lost to Teltonika products, since their products do support OpenVPN, besides IPsec and PPTP.


I have to say, while we certainly share the sensitivity re privacy, we’ve not found the lack of OpenVPN in Peplink products to have been limiting. Simple solution: Use one of the commercially available VPN products and create a tunnel directly from the user device on the LAN to the VPN provider’s endpoint. In one case with which I am familiar, one computer “dumps out” in Chicago, another in somewhere in Switzerland; another in New York, one in Montreal, etc.
The same owner routes some other traffic via PepVPN (which has been found to be bullet-proof, BTW) to a Balance 20 in another city which is served by a different ISP.

The solution of installing VPN clients in the edge devices may work if you only have a few computers (and architectures) to support. But with lots of different devices (ranging from phones to servers) with varying needs when it comes to network policies, moving the VPN feature to the device removes policy capabilities from the network manager (no longer easily tunable at the router), not to mention the maintenance (and education) support requirements arising from such a deployment strategy.
Please add my voice to the chorus wishing for an OpenVPN support.

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I would also like to request OpenVPN support.

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Please add OpenVPN support. This is becoming the defacto-standard and is the most mainstream feature missing from the firmware.

I want to vote for OpenVPN support too


I would also like to request OpenVPN support.

Openvpn is a must have, please consider it.

The only thing stopping me from purchasing a Surf SOHO right now is the lack of client VPN. Preferably OpenVPN, but I would settle for less. Adding my voice to the chorus here. In every other respect the Surf SOHO seems like exactly what I’m looking for, but this is a big gap in functionality. What would also be really nice would be a way to setup one VLAN/wireless network/wired network through a client VPN, but not others.

I would also like to see OpenVPN implemented in the Balance routers or a specific Peplink VPN client.

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Please add support! Thank you.

Another request for OpenVPN (VPN Client) functionality on the Surf SOHO router. It would have been an easy purchase decision but instead I continue to search for a better product.

The so called “simple” work-around proposed above by Rick-DC is what I have been using for some time with another router but it is far more burdensome than the much easier OpenVPN solution that is becoming a common feature offered by other router providers. The PepVPN (which is the current focus of Peplinks development resources per Tim) does not provide VPN Client functionality. And as mentioned by others above, privacy from ISP’s seeking to market your every click on the internet is becoming a more significant/urgent matter.

Seeing that OpenVPN is the most active discussion thread on the Feature Request Board I would hope that Peplink would be more responsive.

Love the product, love the community…

Adding my name to the hat… Please add support for OpenVPN…

Hey guys, it seems to me that most of you want the Peplink device to act as an “OpenVPN client”, that means initiating OpenVPN from a WAN to a remote OpenVPN server that you already have or some kind of VPN cloud service. Is this understanding correct?

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Hello @Keith,
In in relation to our clients interests, we would are primarily looking for the OpenVPN Server as the devices mentioned before all will be dialling back to the router, we are not so interested in the OpenVPN Client.

Appreciate your assistance,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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