OpenVPN Support

Does Peplink have plans to support OpenVPN in client mode or not? The silence is deafening on this matter, even as it remains very requested for multiple years.

In a mobile world, this is becoming more and more a must have and a key consideration I need to have in choosing whether to continue in the Peplink infrastructure or not.

Reading between the lines it sounds that this is not being considered to limit clients to Peplink’s proprietary services, which never seems to work out for tech companies in the long run.


Definitely welcome. OpenVPN Clinet would help us a lot with the integration of the devices.

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Agreed, OpenVPN client support is becoming increasingly in demand

A lot of companies and government departments are pushing for the use of open standards.

We work with a custom hardend version of OpenVPN that we would like to use on Peplink equipment. If OpenVPN (vanilla) would be supported, it would absolutely increase our willingness to buy more Peplink hardware!

Please consider to support this ASAP, if need be via a license key purchase!

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Thanks everyone. We are seriously looking into this. Stay tuned.


+1 for OpenVPN feature request.

+1 more for OpenVPN client feature request.

I have great news to share with everyone! You asked and we listened, OpenVPN client mode will be officially supported in the 8.1.1 firmware build and the license key will only cost $20!

8.1.0 should be going GA by the end of July and after that we should be able to create a special build of it with this feature supported for those who can’t wait to try it out.

Stay tuned!


Will it automatically be included with prime care devices?

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Good timing I was looking for an answer to this. This would be great and happy to pay $20 for the feature.

@Tim_S Thanks for listening. Good job by a good vendor. :+1:


Thank you for listening!

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Can you give us overview of how this will work on multiWAN Balance units?

OpenVPN WAN is standalone “WAN” (i.e. a new WAN show on Dashboard). You can configure the priority of the physical WANs to connect to OpenVPN server (similar to IPsec’s “WAN Connection Priority”). You can apply outbound policy, firewall, etc on OpenVPN WAN.


OpenVPN is inferior to our SpeedFusion technology. If you want true hot-failover and bandwidth bonding the only solution is SpeedFusion.


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If you added OpeVPn client support to Fusionhub, then we could do Speedfusion Bonding to Fusionhub from Peplink hardware and use a third party commercial VPN provider for anonymous and/or geographic routing of more sensitive/vpn aware traffic like Netflix bbc iplayer etc.


A license for an open standard VPN even if $20 is abit of a harsh. Since it was requested back in 2016 and almost any premium home router has support for both client and server mode nowadays. I was going to suggest you start focusing on new wireguard VPN protocol. Ultra efficient, secure and now core in Linux kernel. A great benchmark for future work related VPNs

I mentioned about a month ago I might be pressing my luck as it appears Open VPN is just now happening, but suggested WireGuard be looked at.

It is amazing how fast wireguard is without taking a big hit on the encryption overhead.

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Now that 8.1.0 is officially released, when do you expect to have a Beta release 8.1.1 with OpenVPN support available for testing?

We are working hard on this feature, firmware will be available soon.


Any thoughts on when you’d be comfortable releasing a beta with OpenVPN?

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