Openvpn setup assistance

SURF Soho MK3 Version 8.1.1

I’ve recently installed NordVPN on my surf soho and have got it to connect but i’m getting DNS leaks so I’m thinking my setup is not complete. I followed the setup instructions from Nord. Ater connecting I can see the final VPN server and new IP address but on further investigation the DNS leak test shows interim locations (Cloudflare) which I think is coming from a DNS setting on the router but not sure where. The impact of this, is some software ( is using the location from the cloudflare server location which is not giving me the correct channels. It is also giving up my actual IP and location negating the benefit of a VPN.

I am not sure what openvpn version I have. Got back in 2021 when it became available from Peplink. Not sure how to get and install if a new version if one is even available. Any help from anyone or a point in the proper direction would be greatly appreciated. Nord was unable to help and the Soho user manual was lacking in clear directions for configuring a openvpn.

I made a group for all streaming devices to prioritize the OVPN connection. There are advanced DNS options if you don’t want to do this in the pic below.