openvpn reconnect on hang?

I have a max transit cat `18 and an openvpn license.

In an area with a solid connection, it worked great with no issues. Now I’m in an area where the connection can be iffy. Sometimes the connection will be connected but of very poor quality for an hour due to weather, etc. causing some odd issues (e.g. in a browser you might get a dns error and then it works or an ssl negotiate error and then refresh and it works.)

Without being able to improve cell coverage here, a problem is that that openvpn seems to hang when such a “poor connection” period happens and while everything else comes back to normal once the connection is solid again after an hour or two, the openvpn doesn’t seem to reestablish until I reboot the unit but stays stuck not ready for days following such an event.

(I rebooted because it’s faster than logging into the gui and I’m the only user of this device)

Any suggestions on how to get the openvpn to reset/disconnect and reconnect if it’s stuck not ready after a poor connection period?

I have only one SIM in the max transit, so I’d like to keep the cell connected best effort but get the openvpn wan to reset itself if it’s stuck.

i put a timer in to restart the connection see below. don’t pay attention to the stuff that isn’t bold, i put that in there just so you know where to put it. I also have mine reboot every night from the support menu.

dev tun
proto udp
remote _ip addres_s 995
resolv-retry infinite
cipher AES-128-CBC
tun-mtu-extra 32
ping 10
ping-restart 40

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Thanks. Will give editing the openvpn file a try. Appreciated.