OpenVPN Problem


We have a Balance 580 with OpenVPN setup but the VPN client will not connect. I think its a problem with the DHCP setup as we have this working on a different 580 where DHCP is running on the Peplink itself.

On the non working setup we have a Windows 2008 server doing the DHCP so the DHCP is disabled on the Pepilink

I can see the message ‘Internal DHCP server on the selected network is disabled, please make sure you have a standalone DHCP server to offer IP addresses to connected users.’ Is there any further configuration required to tell the Peplink / clients which DHCP server to connect to?

Any help would be appreciated


Please enable the Peplink DHCP server if OpenVPN is needed. We will improve this in the future firmware release. 3rd party DHCP server is supported with L2TP/IPSec and PPTP.

Hope this helps.

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