Openvpn port problem

I am trying to set up a connection to a non standard port and it doesn’t appear to read the .ovpn file correctly, I enter the file, it accepts it and tries to connect but fails, no failed connections showing up on the server
when I drag the file in, it even says in the lines below the “Choose a file or drag it here”
server: (redacted).org

protocol: udpport: 1194

in the .ovpn file its entered as
remote (redacted).org 1197

the file is fine since it connects from both windows machines and android, near as I can tell, its just ignoring the port portion of the remote line
I also tried adding a line for “port 1197” below the remote line which is sometimes seen in .ovpn files but not commonly

the router is a Balance 305
should I elevate this to a ticket or is there some line syntax that I can change specific to the peplink implementation?

It sound like a bug , let me check on that and update again.

Got it working by changing the internet connection, I’ll have to talk to the isp on that one, I guess that this is just a bug that lists the port wrong but uses the correct one.
Sorry for wasting your time looking in to it

A previous thread noted that the UI is incorrect but it connects on the port specified in the OVPN file.

@kovlin Yes , you are right :wink:

This is only the WebUI bug that the invalid port display shown when custom port is used. OpenVPN will still connect using the custom port. Tentatively the bug will be fix for coming firmware released.

@pepmike Thank you for helping on this.