OpenVPN / Other VPN options - What are you all using?

So I realize there’s a giant OpenVPN feature request thread but this is entirely different. I’m reasonable enough to understand Pep is not likely to ever add this feature in the hardware (though I believe a basic OpenVPN server should be there for those who don’t need much in the way of bandwidth on it.) I’m more interested in how you all are doing VPN beyond the traditional L2TP/IPSec stuff.

My particular use case is probably a bit different than most; One of my SOHO devices sits on a Verizon 4G connection which does not allow for seamless VPN configuration and operation due to the carrier-grade NAT applied on the front end by Verizon (short of dropping $500 to have a Static IP address outside the NAT.)

I’d love to have a decent VPN…something over SSL which can work with such a connection. I prefer OpenVPN but I’m always looking for options. L2TP/IPSec is very unfriendly to these type of configurations and I would never even consider PPTP for anything period.

Just looking for some ideas and would love to hear how you are solving or getting around this issue otherwise if you have such a mobile setup. Thank you.

Just to check. You want to be able to VPN into your SOHO from outside right? A secure remote user access kinda of setup?

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Yes a secure remote access that will work over Verizon 4G dynamic connections. Preferably based on OpenVPN but I’m open to other solutions. I’m not looking for a “LogMeIn” or “GoToMyPC” type experience but a full-on VPN setup ala PepVPN which unfortunately does not work in such a scenario or I’d just use that between SOHO router devices. Of course, I may need to connect a device that doesn’t have PepVPN anyway so a more generic solution that would work for other routers and devices on the far end would be more ideal. Thanks.

Softether VPN is well worth a look. Either installed on your own small server hosted in the cloud (eg OVH, Dreamhost or similar):

remote client ->[SSl VPN or OpenVPN] -> Softether Cloud VPN Server <- [IPSEC] <- SOHO

Or Using their baked in Azure Based Relay Service.

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Thank you Martin. I’d seen that product previously but just never bothered to explore much with it. I really prefer not running software-based solutions where I need another box (or VM even) running locally to host/manage/control the VPN. Ideally the SOHO would do it all but that’s not likely gonna happen; OpenVPN has too much hardware overhead and I understand that. Even if they baked in a basic OVPN server, it would not meet the performance requirements for media streaming and the like that I would require.

So I will explore Softether more - I’ve heard a lot of people mention it or say they’re using it in one fashion or another so it must be OK. :slight_smile: I need to see the process of setting it up with a SOHO unit though further. So it’s IPSEC tunneled?

The other solution I have requires another piece of hardware as well but basically is just putting the OpenVPN workload outside the SOHO and feeding in the tunnel via WAN but again I’d like to do it without additional computers, virtual machines, or hardware devices if at all possible. I’m looking for something that isn’t going to require a couple hundred watts of energy at all times to operate :slight_smile:

PPTP with SOHO is pathetic I second you with the statement. However, I have never experience OpenVPN with SOHO. Ideally, a best VPN is your solution which can easily integrate with SOHO Devices and get you all the options in front. Have you tried any other VPN services, there is several others VPN that might get you all the options. I would recommend you read the reviews of every VPN and then choosing the best VPN services according to your needs.

I need OpenVPN for my particular application. I’m now running the SOHO behind a pfSense box to provide the OpenVPN tunnel. I’d rather not need the box feeding it, but it is what it is.

Isn’t openVPN implemented with the new firmware update now? I’m trying to figure out how to create an openvpn server on my surf soho, but I am not near my router right now, so I was just curious.

Please check the following forum post.

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Again, Thank you for the prompt response @sitloongs. Shucks. It looks like (correct me if i’m wrong), tunneling any vpn connection directly from a computer at a internet cafe (or something) to your pepwave product, is NOT supported on the surf soho, which is what I have unfortunately. Am I overlooking something or is this the case?

Nevermind, I just got home and looked at my Surf Soho settings and it looks like I do have OpenVPN capability! Yay! Sorry for the error!

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