Openvpn Multiple servers


We have a whole network of Peplink devices for remote office access.

I’d like to be able to have 2x OpenVPN server one on 1194 and one on 1195 and have one of them be for user access (restricted access to other subnets) and another one for admin access which can access everything.

Now i cant seem to figure out how to setup a second OpenVPN remote instance. Would anyone know if this is possible?


Assuming 1194 and vlan 1195 are vlans. If so you can’t do what you want with a single peplink device. If you have a virtual host though you could run 2 seperate fusionhub solo and have each solo on a different vlan (lan side) so when clients connect to each they get connected to the correct vlan.

I’m almost sure that ezra’s mentioned numbers 1194 and 1195 are openvpn ports (UDP most likely). As in example server configuration file. Here:

Ah yes, that makes sense, didn’t give it enough thought. At the same time though he can’t run 2 openvpn servers on the same box so would need 2 peplink devices to act as 2 servers. In the case of ports though he could then port forward to each device using those ports.

Thank you both for your input.

Indeed those port numbers can be anything else, indeed UDP for 2x OpenVPN server.
I’d like to not use another machine for the second VPN server which will create unneeded overhead.

Would anyone know if multiple servers on PEP devices are on the roadmap?


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