Openvpn max clients number on balance unit


I’m looking for information about the max number of openvpn client that Balance can handle. I remember to see this number on datasheet but on the new datasheet it’s already removed.

Does anyone have the old datasheet ?..


@gusfrian.peplink, you should able to get the answer from, under the “IPsec/L2TP/PPTP VPN Functionality” section.

Choose your desire model(s) to find out the information. :wink:

The first question is “which Balance?” You may wish to go here to check the parameters of various routers. When you do so scroll down to the section entitled “IPsec/L2TP/PPTP VPN Functionality” and you’ll see an item called “Maximum PPTP/L2TP/OpenVPN Users” and there you find your answer! :blush: