OpenVPN connection from iPhone to surf soho not working


Setup openVPN in my surf soho running latest firmware.

Downloaded the openVPN profile to my iPHone 8 and imported into OpenVPN connect app.

I can connect and see my remote user in the client list on my Surf with a valid LAN Ip.

But for some reason, I can’t connect to anything in my lan or access the Internet (full traffic profile)

If I use split tunnel I can surf the Internet but I can’t access anything on my main LAN.

I simply want to access my local Plex Server remotely when needed.

Any tips?



Would you able to confirm the firmware version that running for your device ?

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8.0.2 build 1480


You have a ticket open for this ? Tested with IOS all working fine. May need to further investigate the potential issue.

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Ugh ok. No ticket. I guess I must have misconfigured something. I followed the forum post on setting up OpenVPN.

I thought perhaps my piHole was to blame so I set Google as the fallback dns resolver in OpenVPN CONNECT app but still not working.

I’ll keep playing with it. It says it’s all connected but the traffic is extremely light,… a few bytes per seconds.

Was hoping others would chime in on possible things to double check.

TCP meltdown?

@sitloongs Seems it’s working after all. I can access my PiHole. But for some reason not the Plex server or my Tablo DVR.

The Plex has remote access disabled but I assumed not needed in this case since I’m accessing it within the same subnet. Ditto for the Tablo.

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