OpenVPN Client disabled after purchasing license key

Hi I am using a PepWave BR1 Mini cellular gateway and want to test the OpenVPN client recently available on firmware 8.1.1.

I followed the steps described to the tee, purchased the license key. After adding the license key, the OpenVPN option under dashboard (always says disabled) with a text in the bottom claiming a WAN feature is available for activation. When you click on that link, it takes you to the network management webpage under Peplink and doesn’t really help in any way.

I then tried to upload an OpenVPN client configuration file but I keep getting an error ‘internal error, file checksum mismatch’. I did a file checksum and verified it is not the configuration but I think the problem is something else, perhaps something involving the activation of the license??

I did try the same configuration on different machines and had no issues connecting to my VPN - only had issues with this PepWave. I have uploaded portion of the configuration but I changed my IP for obvious reasons.

I am not sure how to proceed further. Any suggestions / advice would be greatly appreciated.

Please clear your browser cache. If this doesn’t help. please open ticket for us to take a look.

Hi Enertiv,

I’ve been in the same boat and finally got this working today using Proton VPN.
I saw the same invalid checksum error as you.

My hunch is that when loading a file over wifi / inControl2, the file doesn’t load successfully. It appears that the save process in the OVPN dialog causes wifi to drop for me and that caused the OVPN file issue. Same issue with InControl2.

I had success when I disabled all firewall rules (just be safe), connected over a wired connection to a port that was on the CORE vlan and used the router or linux config files from the VPN provider.

I was then able to load the file and have it connect. Remember to set outbound priority once you have a good connection.