OpenVPN Client and access to devices on other side of PepVPN

Using the built in OpenVPN server on a Balance 30 LTE. I want to be able to connect to router A with an OpenVPN client (OpenVPN clients are on a dedicated LAN hence the address) and then route through A to B via PepVPN so I can access a camera. I can’t ping router B ( when connected to router A via OpenVPN. Profile is using split tunnel and I have a feeling this may be the issue. I don’t want to route all traffic through the OpenVPN though. Can a static route to be set for OpenVPN clients to push that through router A?

Edit: So using the “Route all Traffic” profile allows me to do what I want - I can talk to the network. However, I really don’t want to route all traffic through OpenVPN. Is there not a way to do it with split tunnel?

@Biggen, I tried a similar setup and adding “route [remote subnet] [mask]” to my Windows 10 client .opvn profile, I am able to access the remote subnet.

I added that line below the “remote x.x.x.x 1194”.

Maybe you can give it a try and let us know how it goes? :wink:

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That did it!

I was thinking just last night “What if I modified the .opvn file to include the subnet I need”. You must have read my mind! Thanks for providing the instructions!

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