Opening Vimeo Livestream Ports

I am using a Balance 20x. We have a choppy video stream with Vimeo, and they said we need to open ports TCP 1935, TCP 80, TCP 443, and UDP 53. Ports 80 and 443 are working fine, but 1935 and 53 are not (according to Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router). We added rules to open up incoming and outgoing traffic for 1935 and 53, and even tried port forwarding to the computer we’re streaming from, but we’re still getting choppy video streams on Vimeo. How may I tell if the ports are indeed open to verify that is/is not the problem?

OK, I’ll bite on this since you have not had an answer for a good while. Huh? Why do you need to open those ports? You really want to let all that trash and “background internet radiation” through your FW? See List of TCP and UDP port numbers - Wikipedia, for example, as to what these ports are used for. These ports will be opened (and closed) through your device’s stateful firewall as needed by your LAN clients. As a general rule, the only time you should be opening (and forwarding) ports is to accept inbound connections – which I don’t think you are doing.

One port checker is at There are many others.

I’ll invite the comments of others but from the little I know about your situation I’d (1) close those ports [again, to be opened by outbound traffic as needed], (2) investigate the quality of your WAN, and (3) call 'em back and see if you can escalate the issue beyond the level 1 tech support person.

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100% agree. This was bad advice. Most likely they just want to make sure these ports are opened outbound.

DNS inbound just makes no sense whatsoever.

Since you’ve tested forwarding to the device you’re streaming from without success, it doesn’t seem like a FW issue.

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