Opened ports dont respond

Hello community. I just bought a Peplink Balance 20X and I have a weird issue. I opened port 80 for a local server to be accessed from the outside and It doesnt allow me to. I have configured this ports in the past in the Balance 20 without issues but with this one I cant get to the ports.
I opened the port on the firewall and did a port forwarding to an specific address and it doesnt respond from the outside but it is working on the local network.

Did you move the devices webadmin off of port 80 too? Otherwise that service will be blocking access to port 80 I suspect.


I was having this issue with other ports too like port 22. But suddenly it started working a couple hours after this issue.

You can make an ALLOW inbound firewall rule that exists just to log the usage of the forwarded port. This can confirm that the router got the request to the forwarded port.

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