open-vpn performance upgrade?

Currently have a balance 20 hw rev 7 running open-vpn in the router.
Firmware is 8.1.3 build 5021

When transferring large files via open-vpn interface, CPU is pegged at 100% and non-vpn traffic is severely impacted. bandwidth on open-vpn interface is limited to about 15MBS, router is spec’d at 150MBS. Current WAN bandwidth is 100MBS.

Thinking about upgrading to balance 20X - is this a multi-cpu model? Will it be able to increase bandwidth on open-vpn connection without impacting non-vpn traffic?

Not sure if the B20x is multi-cpu /core or not but a Balance 20 is rated for 30MBps of IPSEC VPN throughput and openVPN is slower than IPSEC generally largely due to the CPU overhead so this performance issue you’re seeing is to be expected I suppose.

I’ll see if I can find a B20x with openvpn client license on it to test.