Open VPN & IPv6


I am really happy with my Balance 390 but I wished it supported OpenVPN. Ideally I would like it to be able to connect to an OpenVPN server and make that new vpn lan available to all the local computers. So act as a bridge.

Would be good if it could also act as an OpenVPN server.

Another feature is to have full IPv6 support.

Any plans for either of these features in the road map?

These are popular feature requests. OpenVPN is definitely not brought up for the first time. It would be great if we could keep the discussion in the same thread here so we can gather feedback from the rest of the community.

And as for full IPv6 support, the scope of features is pretty elaborated, and of course it depends largely on ISP adoption as well. It would be a good plan to support them in different phrases to ensure a smooth and successful migration. Do we have any specific IPv6 features that we will need soon down the road? We could discuss on the Feature Forum as well. I am sure other users want to weight in on this.

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