Open VPN Balancee 380


We are entering Covid Wave 3 in SA and we are setting up more and more home users. We have a Peplink Balance 380 8.1.2 Build 5037 running Open VPN with LDAP auth. I see in the documentation it says 50 concurrent connections. Is this hard coded or just a recommendation? The remote users hardly use much bandwidth and the fibre line is only 100mbps. Will the 51st VPN user that connects be blocked?

Hi @Gavin_Pitt as per Balance comparison table:

50 is the maximum number of users. Other clients will not be able to connect when the limit will be reached.

Bugger and we only bought it last year. You guys should reconsider those numbers considering it supports 50-500 users. 50 VPN users is only 10% of the staff working from home.

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+1 I agree I think the openvpn client tunnel numbers should be revisited.