Open VPN Active Directory

I am trying to get this setup and everything works fine with a local username and password but not when I try link it to Active Directory. Just gives me OpenVPN: Active Directory pre-authentication failed (K1:N255)

Is there a guide or something I can use for the setup.

Also how do I setup the VPN to use DNS records for our public static IP’s? Just in case we change them in future I do not want to be setting up a 100 VPN endpoints.

Hi @Gavin_Pitt,

That error can be thrown at least for two reasons:

  1. DHCP server is not configured on the balance router.
  2. The workgroup does not match the domain name which is sent to the server for authentication.

If those are well, please, submit a ticket so we can check further.

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Ok I created a VLAN and setup DHCP and still get the error. What should I be using for Server Hostname, domain and workgroup? Would any user in AD have access?

Ok I have created a ticket.

We will follow up in the ticket.

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Was this fixed?

Yes it was