Online Demo for Speedfusion and reporting data avilability

Hello fellow Forum members and Peplink Team,
We have a fairly tech savvy customer who is looking favourably towards the Peplink solutions especially with SpeedFusion. They have already checked out the various online Peplink demos and read the available literature though they are “interested in config options, reporting and traffic prioritisation and throttling capabilities”.

Can anyone help direct us here for some help, we can not give demo access to any system for this ourselves from our own pool of customers.

The customer has mentioned that there “maintenance is up for renewal for our Exinda devices and I’d like to see how this stacks up” (“this” being SpeedFusion).

Appreciate your assistance,
Marcus :slight_smile:

I think on-site demo for SpeedFusion Bonding is better than on-line demo. At least you can demonstrate the bonding effect by generating end to end traffic. This will give the customer has a clear picture of SpeedFusion Bonding technology.

Hope this help.