One to One NAT Mapping issue

I cannot figure this out. Spent all night trying to figure this out…no luck.
Heres the deal:
Trying to setup 1 to 1 NAT mapping.
I’m on an older version, **v4.8.2 build 1195.

I have 13 Public IPs. I added them into **Additional Public IP Settings. My LAN is properly set up. I setup 20 static ips on the lan side and all can access the internet, other servers, etc.

Went into NAT Mappings. Lets say my public IP is

LAN Host - Inbound Mappings - Outbound Mappings

Firewall rules are left as default. I did not set up an values in the “Inbound Access” tab. Firewalls are off on my lan devices.

Everytime i try to access, it fails to connect. I tried to add 5 other lan hosts…all of them fail to connect to the lan device.
Under the “admin security” tab, i set the router access page to lan only.

I’m ready to throw this router out the window. All of my hosts can ping the router, but the router cannot ping any of the hosts.

heck, i cant even ping my workstation from the router(using the lan interface)
PING ( from eth0: 56(84) bytes of data.

— ping statistics —
5 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 4014ms

Is there a bug in this firmware?

Hi Steve,

We never facing this problem before. Please submit ticket and Diagnostic Report for us to investigate.