One Rugged Firmware update

Hi Peplink and community

I got my new and shiny AP One Rugged yesterday and am currently installing it.
During that process I want to update the firmware to the latest and greatest.
So found the website
Found the AP One Rugged in the lists.
Downloaded the firmware v3.5.4 which is higher than the installed v3.5.3.
Now how to do the update.
Well since I also bought a Balance One Core, I connected to the router’s web admin, and selected the AP menu, and the Toolbox section.
As I understand it, I have to upload the AP’s firmware as a package in the Toolbox section and then afterwards select the package in the Access Point section and click on the ‘Set firmware Package’ button.

And here it comes:
When trying to manually upload the AP firmware package in the Toolbox, I get an error message saying: Invalid firmware pack

Help please


Hello @balieu,
If your AP One Rugged and Balance ONE are both new, then we recommend that you take advantage of the included 12 months of InControl2 to help you setup and manage the new equipment. If at the end of the 12 Months you decide not to continue, you can revert to local administration & management of the devices, the setting from InControl2 you had in the equipment will be preserved.

Using InControl2 will also assist you with Firmware Management of your devices through the built in group policy firmware management.

There are several guides here within the Peplink Forum on how to do get going with InControl2.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Hi Michael,

The firmware pack of latest AP GA firmware should be available in AP->Toolbox.

You can click “Check for Updates”, to check the latest supported AP GA firmware.
Click “Details” for more information, and click the download button in “Action” if it is what you need.

You can apply the firmware to AP One Rugged in AP->Access Point page after the firmware pack download completed.


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Thanks guys

Didn’t realize that the 1145 pack included the 3.5.4 for the Rugged.

The InControl2 solution is great for now, but I don’t like the idea of having to pay 29 euro each year only to keep my hardware updated.

But the Toolbox feature is perfect, once I got to understand it.