One dsl plus one dsl does not add up

I purchased a PL 20 and had tech support help me install the unit.I have a 15 Meg down and .65 MB up telco dsl in WAN 1 and a cable 15 Meg down and 1.0 Meg up connection. When running speedtests including the one in the PL 20 I never come close to my anticipated speed of 25 Meg down and 1.5 Meg up…tests ran around 11 Meg down and .80 Meg up…

Any suggestions??? …I replaced a duolinks unit with the peplinks…the duolinks speed tests without load were always above 20 Meg down and 1.2 up with the same 2 dsl circuts…

Hi Allen,

To test the combined bandwidth we definitely want to use our multi-WAN speed test tool at

It might also be of interest to learn more of how Peplink combines the bandwidth of all available WAN links giving you a full utilsation on our Knowledge Base at



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