One Core & Huawei E3372: No device detected

I´m trying to connect the Huawei 3372 LTE USB Stick unsuccessfuly.

Please, any tip?

P.D. CPU load, when usb is plugged, always over 75 - 80%

Update: It seems to be related to firmware HiLink (vía web browser and DHCP, double NAT, etc). So I need to change the firmware to Stick version (direct modem). Anybody knows a easy way change the correct firmware?

Update 2: It doesn’t worth the hack (soft and hardware pin sortcut) to be made. Buy other USB modem. BUT: I advice with that model (HUAWEI E3372). Even in the box, can say it’s the “Stick” model, it can be the E3372h model who don’t work at all with, at least, BL ONE CORE.
Thanks again, Community!

For those who willing to investigate (and have time to do), this is the how to