On which routers can I install a virtual machine?

I’m tryng for my certification and learning a ton but have not been able to find the answer to this question. I am leaning towards it being a trick question and all the choices of routers could have a virtual machine installed on them. My choices are; “BR1 series, HD2 series, HD4 series, Balance series (greater than 305, Peplink Mediafast”. I have seen forum posts about VPN on BR1, HD4 and on Mediafast, but not able to see VM compatibility on product comparisons to confirm the others are incompatible.

Its not a trick question.
Some routers support KVM Virtualization. SDX Pro mentions this in its data sheet

There is also a guide on here explaining how to install a virtual machine

The bottom paragraph of the last link has your answer :wink:


Thank you!

Hi Russell,

in addition to wha Martin mentioned, the virtualisation will be added to a newly released Transit Pro as well.

Cool! Application virtualisation in the form of Docker though right - not KVM virtualisation…?

Yes, correct. Docker will be supported, while KVM as I know preliminary will not be supported :wink: