On Balance 20 the Whole does not equal the Sum of the Parts

Both WANs are, I believe, static IP addresses (I will be paying each ISP extra for this).

WAN 1: 30 mbps when used alone or through Balance 20. The ISP gave me STATIC settings that I typed into Peplink
WAN 2: 20 mbps when used alone or though Balance 20. The ISP (AT&T U-Verse) supposedly set their router to STATIC settings and I am plugging it into the Balance 20 without altering anything.

When they are together (QAS 1 and 2): I get 10 mpbs. It defaults to the slower speed. I know it’s load balancing, I don’t expect 30 + 10 - 40 mbps, but I am not running anything and I think it should be 30 mbps (I use internet frog to check speeds.)

What am I doing wrong? Am I missing the STATIC settings to plug into the WAN2 in Balance 20 (again, since supposedly are in the upstream router which is the was U-Verse comes to the house)?

Sorry if this is basic but that is my level, alas.

It sounds like the Balance is defaulting to the slower WAN2 line, possibly because it has slightly lower latency.

You can use the custom outbound policy manager to create your own routing rules. Maybe you want to use a weighted balance or priority based rule. You can refer to the user manual and our knowledgebase for more info.