Omnidirectional 5G Antenna

Hi All,

I am looking for an external Omnidirectional 5G antenna which would be good for the marine environment. I would mainly need for it to be able to connect to Band n78 3500Mhz for Vodafone.

This is to be used by a Pepwave MBX.

Is there anything you guys have experienced to be good?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Most marine installs I see use the Poynting 402 which is a very good antenna from personal experience.


Sounds great Martin,

I have 4 of them installed, but I didn’t realise they have 5G compatibility. I think they have advertised it better now.

Many thanks!

For all those watching at home, the Promarine 5311 is another excellent choice (although only single antenna instead of dual), in particular it holds up a bit better in the higher end of the 3500MHz band as the 402 drops away a bit, below unity gain. Spec sheet for the 402 here

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