older max br1 mini lte

So I have had no success using a t-mobile of AT&T sim card, but verizon does work. This is a seasonal connection(boat). Last year the up/down speed seemed much faster. Is this due to 5g protocal and the fact it is only 3g?

I don’t show that they ever made a BR1 mini as a 3g model.

If you want you can PM your s/n to me and I’ll dig more into your specific model.


It may be my error, I thought the spec was 3G/4G. Any way speed seems to be lacking. I was thinking about replacing, but for the little I use it to go 5G for $999 I have got to think about it.

Any ideas?

The 5g @ $999 is now an excellent value. other options would be a transit duo(two connections), dual connections, 20x(upgreade later to include a 5g internal module in addition to it’s built-in cat4 or cat7.
Do you have antennas mounted already?
If you want to PM we some more details we can work offline and get a quote put together for you as we are a peplink certified partner.