Older firmware available?

I have a Balance 30 (out of warranty and not on paid support) running 5.4.1 and I’d like to update the firmware to the latest I can without extra cost, which I assume would be 5.4.9. At the same time I’d like to retain access to the 5.4.1 build in case I have to revert because of new issues, which has happened before. Is there a place I can d/l these older versions? Or better, a way to update to the very latest at low or no cost (and still get the ability to revert)? Thanks for any advice.


Here is the latest 5.x firmware build 5.4.10:

Otherwise to get to 6.x firmware you would need to get the unit back under warranty:

Thanks, that was fast (-:

WIth a little link-munging I was also able to d/l the current firmware, so I’m set in case there is an issue with the 4.10 build.