Older Black Pepwave Surf 200

Will this device support PEPVPN with new firmware?

Hi dlemmink,

The Surf 200 is actually an end of life product having been supplanted by the Surf On The Go. There are no plans to bring PepVPN to the unit family.

hello, if I’m not sure if i in the correct forum line , but i’m interested to use a (pep surf wave 200 AG), or surf Pepwave 200, as AP, but I understand there in some device that ends in “ap” in their model works like a (AP), my question is, if I have one with firmware 6.3.1, I can I update or do something to make this work for me as an access point? ,I’ve been trying to connect this model as an access point without any success, because in the setup menu does not show any option to do .


Surf 200 can’t configure as AP.