OLD balance 30- need 4.8.1 firmware

hi i have a older balance 30 that im trying to use to bond a remote site - we have a newer balance 30 with version 7.0
but this old one has 4.7.0
i read that its only upgradable to 4.8.1 does anyone have a copy of 4.8.1 or know of a way to atleast get 5.3.12 on the older balance ?

Neither the new or old Balance 30’s support Speedfusion bonding. What hardware version is the old balance 30?
Does it look like this:

The latest supported firmware (with security fixes) is 6.4.3 and 7.0.1. Neither of which will run on the old Balance 30 platform. Personally I wouldn’t want to run a product on any network that isn’t secure. My gut reaction is bin the old one and get a shiny new one - it must be over 8 years old now surely?

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sorry were trying to load balance the remote site - we have 1 x 6mb connection and a 12mb connection
however what ever i try, internet speed test or peplink download test
it only uses 1 conenction ever

however the newer balance 30 or (e135) as the iphone app refers to it as will use both together during internet speed test and at all times

was hoping updating to 4.8.1 firmware would fix this problem, we brought the old one from ebay thinking it would be good enough for the remote site while one person recovers from hospital and needs faster internet

Hi. I think you may have a fundamental misunderstanding of “how it works.” See http://download.peplink.com/resources/Peplink_Balance_Load_Balancing_Guide.pdf , particularly pages 6 and 9.

When you perform a speed check that traffic goes down a single WAN. All of the Balance 30s work this way. The “gain” comes where you router is passing multiple sessions, as the document explains. So, say you have several computers/devices on your LAN and the demand for download capacity is high. The total download speed will indeed approximate the sum of the capacity of the WANs. It all depends on which of the seven algorithms you have selected.

Respectful suggestion: I think I’d follow the advice Martin Langmaid gave you. The old version you have has long since been deprecated. Although that product was excellent in its time, the newer ones are faster and more secure – and they’re fully supported.

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