Office Point/ AP ONE Half Speed

I have 2 office points and 2 ap ones. I have a 32mbs line and a 5mbs fiber line. I am running them thru the Peplink Balance 310. For some reason I can not get any wireless device, laptop, iphone, ipad anything to get more than 5mbs down. I have tried by passing the 310 to go right into the ATT 32mb router and the most I ever see is 6mbs down. What am I missing? Is there a setting that is hold back the bandwidth? Too many wireless devices? Our office is about 1000 ft long by 500ft wide, but full of walls and offices. I sit under a office point, i can see the lights blink, and my iphone only gets 5mbs. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Set up in bridge mode.

Ummm strange you are only getting 6Mbps… I have 24Mbps and around 20Mbps up at home on my iPhone 4S using AP One.

It won’t have to do with Balance 310 because we have tried bypassing it and get the same result.

Is 2.4Ghz too congested in your office? There are a number of Wi-Fi channel analyzers on Apple App Store which should give you a good overlook. One quick thing I will try is to run speed test on two separate laptops at the same time - I wonder how much bandwidth each of them gets?

Okay , sorry in my opinion your wireless traffic is high. practically you cannot download more than 72 Mb or 8 MB per second on a wireless link.
I mean if you connect your laptop to an access point and your laptop is the only wireless client and you try to copy a file from your server to your laptop the speed would be about 3-7 MB per second or in the best situation it would be 9-10 MB per second ( 80 Mbps ). so in a real network environment with a busy wireless access points this throughput will be shared among all connected clients. if you could change your access points with a MIMO one like AP One 300M the maximum throughput would be much better. I got 10MB/s file copying speed with AP One 300. much higher than any other access points like Linksys , Dlink , etc.

is 2.4Ghz too congested in your office?
I dont think anything i have supports 5ghz. Its all mac book pros and ipads. Do peps support 5?

One quick thing I will try is to run speed test on two separate laptops at the same time - I wonder how much bandwidth each of them gets?

Laptops get 10mbs each, laptops and ipad together: Laptop 10mbs, ipad 2.3mbs. So its 1/3 of the bandwidth for laptops.

I have switched all Pep devices to channel 10, the least used channel in our area, and I get no better results.

I have set all Pep devices back to factory default, no better.

I have updated all Pep devices to most recent firmware, no better.

Do I have too many devices? Are they fighting one another? The closest i have is an ap one that is about 50 feet from an office point, but that has 3 walls between them.

OK. Just want to make sure we are on the same page here - I think the issue was that you cannot get any wireless device, laptop, iPhone or iPad to go beyond 5Mbps, yes? It is a good news to have your laptop at 10Mbps.

Good news that my wireless runs at 1/3? That really doesnt make sense. The issue is none of my ap wireless products can transmit a signal beyond 10mbs. For some reason, laptops get 10mbs, iProducts get 5mbs, I am sure that is G VS N issue. Shouldn’t an ap one get more than 10mbs coming down from a 32mbs line?

What I am saying is I am glad that your Wi-Fi speed doesn’t cap at 5Mbps per device. That would otherwise be another topic to look at. Previously you were saying the most you ever saw was 6Mbps down. And that I am glad this is no longer the case.

Still shouldn’t we be expecting more from your 32Mbps ATT WAN? I believe so. I will start by connect your 32Mbps ATT WAN to one laptop. Do a speedtest. Then connect the 32Mbps ATT to an AP One. Associate the same laptop to AP One and do the same speedtest. This will give us a numeric measure of how much effective bandwidth we are giving out on Wi-Fi. A small number is expected given the nature of Wi-Fi. If you have another Wi-Fi AP handy, we can compare its Wi-Fi performance with AP One as well.