Ocean Vessel Wi-Fi - VSAT and Cellular Bonding

Detailed high level design proposal for Vessel Communications


  • Vessel with internal system and guest WiFi devices
  • Primary WAN is cellular 3G/4G LTE, secondary WAN will be either VSAT


  • At each outlet to establish VPN back to HQ, to upload the business transaction data from internal systems, and provide guest WiFi access via the cellular 3G/4G LTE
  • If Primary WAN failed, business transaction data and guest WiFi access will be automatically fail-over to secondary WAN, which is the VSAT
  • As both internal systems and guest WiFi access sharing same Internet link, priority should be given to business data over guest WiFi access

Recommended Solution:

  • Deploy Peplink Balance 20/30 to cater the multi-WAN, the primary WAN is BR1 IP55 where it can be place at root top of the vessel for better signal reception
  • The Balance 20/30 also act as AP Controller to manage the AP One 300M with multiple SSID (staff and guest)
  • In Balance 20/30, SpeedFusion Hot Fail-over configured in this scenario, where it takes 3G/4G LTE as primary link for VPN connection, and fail over to VSAT if 3G/4G LTE down or out of coverage
  • Enable QoS settings at the Balance 20/30 to ensure business data will always given higher priority over guest WiFi, in the event of link congestion happened

Devices Deployed: MAX BR1-IP55, Balance 20/30, 1350, AP One 300M